Grace House 


Grace House is a foster home where up to six children can be placed in a home of safety or in foster care, by a social worker. Each individual child is loved and nurtured. Each child's unique age, character and interests are observed and in love, each child's needs are met. Where possible, the child maintains contact and a relationship with the biological parents.

For more information please send us an email.

Swop Shop


Project Purpose
To establish a recycling Swop Shop in Avian Park with the purpose of equipping and teaching 3 – 13 year old children skills to environmental awareness, recycling of materials, product values, trading skills, responsibility and ownership of the process.











Project Objectives

1. To teach the children to care for the environment
2. To teach the children to collect, sort and recycle plastic, tin, paper and glass
3. To teach the children to work for a reward
4. To teach the children the principles of banking and saving
5. To teach the children to take ownership of the process and make decisions on their own




1. To teach the children who God is
2. To teach them God's Word
3. To demonstrate God's love for them
4. To encourage them to love themselves
5. To help them to love others and the environment
6. To encourage creativity through music, dance, drama and art.

For more info please send us an email.












Die Hartklop van die Mercy pilaar is om om te sien (geestelik en maatskaplik) na minderbevoorregte, behoeftige gesinne en hulle by te staan in tye van nood, om Jesus se hartklop en liefde aan hulle oor te dra en sodoende Sy Koninkryk uit te brei.












Ons sien die bediening as 'n liefdesdiens wat God se genade en liefde, met die mense in nood, uitleef en ons "garden of hope" (die groentetuin) voorsien groente en droë rantsoene soos rys, pasta en mieliemeel aan:

 House of Hope
YWAM Kombuis
500 kinders dmv sopkombuise en 2 x creche's – weekliks in Avianpark
Grace House en 7 tot 15 Behoeftige WCG gesinne word weekliks voorsien van al hulle kruideniersware, vars vleis en suiwelprodukte.












Klere skenkings word versprei na behoeftige gesinne soos in aanvraag, Robertson kinderhuis, Grace Houses, House of Hope. en Kibbutz.
Vir meer inligting kontak Lizette Klopper by 073 246 5554 of stuur vir Lizette 'n epos.














To run a consistent and sustainable sports development program, providing children over the age of 7 years in Avian Park with opportunities to participate in recreational and competitive sporting activities while encouraging their personal and spiritual growth and development.


1) To provide a safe and fun environment for children to play through sport.

2) To provide opportunities to learn skills in various sports.


3) To nurture and develop children through relationships to grow in their personal and spiritual life.Sport Projek

4) To share knowledge on health, nutrition and wellbeing.

5) To provide a platform for talented children to compete in competitions.

Every second Wednesday from 14:00 – 16:00. 

For more information contact Yolanda Marais - email



Die Plaasbediening bestaan deur 'n opdrag wat die Here ons in Markus 16:15-20 gegee het. In gehoorsaamheid aan die opdrag is ons besig om bybelstudie/selgroepe in die plaasgemeenskap van Overhex en Nuy te stig. Die doel met die groepe is om mense op te lei as dissipels.

Vir meer inligting gesels met Chris du Toit by 082 783 6666 of stuur vir Chris 'n epos.

Week Kalender


Oggenddiens 09:15
Kinderkerk en Jeug 09:15

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Swop Shop/Multi-Purpose Sports
Worship Rehearsal - 18:15

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