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13 en 14 Oktober het ons Kunstefees gehou. 'n Dag vol pret en plesier vir oud en jonk. Dankie vir almal se bywoning en deel wees van hierdie suksesvolle naweek. Lees gerus wat feesgangers oor hierdie dag skryf:


Last weekend my fiancée and I were very privileged to spend some time out. The weather was rather pleasant and as we walked among some stalls, where vendors had some of their products on display, the air was filled with the aromas from various food stalls….I immediately became hungry and just had to get a bite to eat but with all the choices around me, I was finding it rather difficult to make a up my mind. The sweet music from a keyboard soothed my mind and I looked around to see where the notes were coming from ……..and there he was, a  gentleman with snow-white hair…….. running his fingers over the keys of a keyboard and it was quite evident that he was thoroughly enjoying sharing his God-given talents with the folk who were moving around. I eventually decided to try a Malayian chicken curry and was quite shocked when it only cost me R20-00.

We settled down at a table under the shelter of an oak tree……the gentle breeze just rustling the leaves ever so slightly as if they were part of the music….for a moment my mind had taken me away to a quaint little village somewhere far away…..perhaps it was Tuscany for at that moment a classic was playing, a song called Vincent……….it was still early afternoon and we just sat and relaxed and soaked up the atmosphere……The music gave way to various groups who performed on stage either by singing or dancing… gifted they were and I didn’t want to miss a thing.

By late afternoon a gentleman went to the stage and using a guitar as well as a flute, he entertained the folk with some gospel classics. I saw a man sitting at a table nearby…..he seemed as if he would do quite well in a boxing or wrestling ring…young lads sat close by and it was such a joy to see the interaction between the group and the way they absorbed the heavenly sounds coming from the musicians.

I was quite taken aback when the boxer got up and approached the stage…..was this man going to say a few words or what was up? He strummed a few cords on a guitar as if he was tuning it in and then went and sat behind the keyboard……what happened next just amazed me….instead of his fingers and forearms bending and breaking the musical instrument, he was able to play the most incredible rendition of some musical pieces which were just majestical….I was astonished and truly amazed and just sat back and watched the afternoon sun making it’s way towards the mountains….sipping on a cappuccino under an old oak tree and for a moment I just wondered how wonderful heaven will be one day.
For those of you wondering where we spent our time out…….we were at the Doxa Kunstefees at the Worcester Christen Gemeente….what a blessed time it was and the day had just begun!!!!!!!!!
To all those involved, thank you for your efforts and the atmosphere you created on the day and for sharing your talents with us all. You surely made your heavenly Father real proud.
Written by 'Feesgangers'.



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We believe that God has a plan, purpose and destiny for every human being on earth. We also believe that God has a corporate purpose and destiny for every church where they follow Him wholeheartedly. We are committed to help people recognize their purpose and calling and to equip them in order to reach their God-given destiny.

Part of our vision is, by the grace of God, to shape people into agents of God's love, mercy, healing and influence in society. In order to fulfill our corporate purpose and calling as a church, we diligently seek God's face to hear His voice and then pursue to obey Him radically.

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